We design an increasingly green future always greener

We at NCA Engineering believe that sustainability is more than an operational guideline: it is the philosophy that guides every project and results in a true commitment to an increasingly green environment.

When designing a building, its life cycle is one of the main aspects to value.
In the medium-to-long term, operating and maintenance costs significantly impact the operating economy, often exceeding the cost of construction.
That’s why NCA Engineering has a dynamic approach to design, which is modular and integrated so that a building can evolve over time and constantly improve its energy efficiency.

As part of our Green Building activities and with the help of qualified collaborations of specialist consultants, we at NCA Engineering can offer specific advice in the following areas:

  • environmental health (workplace pollution)
  • assessment of asbestos fibres
  • analysis of soil, water and waste material
  • indoor air quality

Each of these activities involves audits, investigations and technical assistance.

Sustainability Design

Energy, light, air, sound insulation, computer networks... Countless factors contribute to creating a comfortable living and working environment. Each project developed by NCA Engineering starts from the analysis of the customer's needs, develops in full compliance with regulations and goes much further by harmonizing the relationship between man and the environment.

Some activities provided by NCA, also with the collaboration of qualified specialist consultants:

  • Sustainable design strategies
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Commissioning
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Alternate Energy Supply
  • Computer Modeling
  • Lighting
  • Deregulation Advisory Services
  • Ergonomic Design Engineering

Speaking of a green world, we also deal with energy saving by combining energy analysis and a dynamic diagnosis to contribute to the sustainability of a building and ensure the internal and external environment are seamlessly integrated.

NCA also cares for social sustainability
Sustainability is not just a business commitment: every year NCA Engineering supports

Sustainability is not just a business commitment: every year NCA Engineering supports
Green Approach

We have been redeveloping buildings with an environmental sustainability perspective for years
Building Consulting

Construction, redevelopment, management. We are giving back value today for a future-ready building
Mission Critical

We manage the critical upgrading of complex buildings such as Mission Critical
Facility Management

We help companies streamline the complexities of building management

Sustainability design

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