Future on the outside, technology on the inside

Building an efficient structure is no longer enough. You need to think about the entire life cycle cost of a construction, taking a strategic approach that can also bring benefits in the long run. This is why NCA Engineering looks at every building from the inside out and is constantly looking for the most advanced solutions and technologies allowing the best energy performance.

Dedication and passion are the qualities NCA Engineering has been infusing every project with for 40 years, every day.

Green approach

In all human activities, there is a two-way relationship between the external environment and the internal environment. Living and working in a sustainable and efficient environment has positive effects on the local area and, most of all, on the quality of life of the people who live there. For such reason, every day NCA Engineering is committed to minimizing the impact of each property by focusing on its functional value.

Green Approach

We have been redeveloping buildings with an environmental sustainability perspective for years
Building Consulting

Construction, redevelopment, management. We are giving back value today for a future-ready building
Mission Critical

We manage the critical upgrading of complex buildings such as Mission Critical
Facility Management

We help companies streamline the complexities of building management


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