Designing a building: a multilevel strategy

Depending on specific requirements, NCA Engineering can calibrate a suitable level of action and deploy the expertise needed to support a customer at every stage. This consultative approach results in a constant focus on ROI and always considers the impact on the external environment.


Three types of action

Our offer can be summarized in three macro approaches, which we adopt according to the project to be developed:

Realization from scratch

we design a building from scratch and dynamically develop all technical aspects


we optimize the energy impact of an existing building and thus give new value to it

Facility Management

we are in charge of the day-by-day management of a building and coordinate the physical space with the people who live there


International partnerships

NCA Engineering has been operating for years in an international scenario, collaborating with some international firm’s, such as:

Approaching the foreign market through these partnerships allows NCA Engineering to support customers on a variety of areas, such as the LEED Certification, Mission Critical and a number of environmental issues that vary from country to country.

What we do

Global Design

We support our customers from the preliminary project study to its final completion, including implementation (specifications, tasks, budget evaluations and offers), work planning and management, fire prevention projects.
Expert Advice

Starting from the evaluation of buildings, we provide expert advice on the enhancement and optimization of facilities, premises, energy impact and related costs.
Integrated Management

Management is an integral part of our core business: project management, construction site supervision, contract definition, technical, administrative and regulatory practices, definition of work strategy, coordination and control, testing and surveying.
Green Approach

We have been redeveloping buildings with an environmental sustainability perspective for years
Building Consulting

Construction, redevelopment, management. We are giving back value today for a future-ready building
Mission Critical

We manage the critical upgrading of complex buildings such as Mission Critical
Facility Management

We help companies streamline the complexities of building management

Building Consulting

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