modern buildings

The value of a responsible choice

We at NCA Engineering can rely on a 40-year strong know-how: that’s why we respond with confidence and efficiency to every request and lay out a proper cost/benefit ratio. Today, the value of a building is measured by its ability to deliver high-profile performance with a low economic impact: spending more doesn’t necessarily mean achieving better results. What matters is quality.

A global approach and a deep focus on local areas make NCA Engineering the right partner when carrying out wide-ranging projects, also at an international level.

Sectors in which we operate

Mission critical, hotel and hospitality, food industry, environmental, engineering and contracting, pharmaceutical, financial, real estate, industrial, entertainment, education, media and communication, fashion, health and medical, petrochemicals and chemicals, professional services, government, information technology, transportation

Areas of expertise


Air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, heating systems, plumbing and sanitary systems, fire suppression systems, medical gas system, special fluid systems, automatic regulation systems, renewable energy systems, solar heating, wind energy, energy recycling, energy containment, energy management, Due Diligence


Power systems, lighting systems, earthing systems, protection systems against atmospheric discharge, photovoltaic, geothermal, Due Diligence, energy management , classification of environments with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX)

Special, security and prevention systems

Fire detection systems, burglar and anti-intrusion systems, TVCC systems, risk analysis, safety plans, fire prevention, telephone systems, data transmission, attendance detection, building automation, energy management






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