CLIENT Zurich Insurance Italia
TITLE Milan Headquarters
BUILDING Headquarters - via Paleocapa in Milano – ten levels – 8,000 sqm
Timeframe of service execution 2013 – 2018
ROLE in the service execution Full M&E and PHE design, works supervision

Photo © Filippo Romano


Executive design and works supervision for the renovation of the mechanical and electrical systems at Zurich Insurance's headquarters located at Via Paleocapa in Milan, Italy.

Mechanical systems

The mechanical systems were designed with a VRV-type direct expansion heat pump system capable of controlling the internal microclimate of each floor module.

The new air distribution networks with fresh air supply and stale air extraction were designed using the existing vertical shafts to allow the direct diffusion of supply air into the rooms through special combined supply/recovery vents placed in each room following a modular pattern. We made sure that, before being expelled into the atmosphere, stale room air will be treated by a recovery unit, thus providing the power to heat/cool the external air being pumped into the room.

Independent systems for each tenant are in place.

Electrical systems

The electrical systems provide for the power supply of systems fed from the floor switchboards, as well as for the power supply of lighting and FM terminal users. Smoke detection and the EVAC alarm systems were also included in the project.


A proprietary BMS system was operating in the building to control and manage all HVAC equipment and fire alarms. Thus, all new VRV systems (external condensing units, indoor units and ventilation units) will be controlled and managed by their own centralised control systems, capable of monitoring all connected equipment. All systems can be managed and controlled globally via the centralised ITM (Intelligent Touch Manager) controller located in the control panel, and also via a server station in the reception area.

In particular, the planned systems can be programmed so that each individual tenant can only see and manage the equipment and devices that are connected to it. On the other hand, the owner and maintenance staff are able to see and manage all systems.

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