CLIENT Credit Suisse Italy
TITLE Headquarters in Milan - Italy
BUILDING Via Santa Margherita a Milano – four levels – 7.200 sqm
Timeframe of service execution 2018
ROLE in the service execution M&E, structural and PHE design, site supervision, testing and commissioning


Design of the electrical and mechanical plant systems, works supervision, testing and commissioning as part of the refurbishment of the offices at the Credit Suisse Italy headquarters in Milan, Italy.


The renovation involved all floors so as to include the systems and at the same time reduce the office space by one floor while keeping the number of users unchanged. In addition, all site activities had to be carried out while ensuring ongoing operation of existing systems in order to prevent significant work disruptions.

The new systems were therefore implemented by keeping the existing ones in operation until the commissioning of each new floor layout was carried out.

These inputs led to the adoption of targeted technical solutions at the design stage and of an organisational study at the construction stage that allowed the minimisation of plant downtime and work disruptions.

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